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What are the benefits of using analytics in my business growth strategy?

Analytics provides your business with a data-driven foundation, which simplifies your decision-making processes and maximizes ROI on your real estate, marketing and operations initiatives. For example, the insights that analytics provides can allow you to:

  • Create in-depth core customer profiles – understand who they are, what they want, and what drives their buying decisions.
  • Forecast sales performance.

What business units within my organization benefit from your solutions?

From real estate and marketing to merchandising and operations, our customer-centric analytics serve to breakdown silos within our client organizations through the development of a common definition and understanding of who your customer really is. And by using this common definition, our analytical solutions provide actionable insights that can improve the performance of every facet of your organization.


What datasets do you use?

As the industry's leading customer analytics firm, we utilize more than 250 databases. Our data spans the full range of demographic, psychographic, financial, and healthcare related attributes that can be ascribed to a household or individual. Over 77,000 propensities and characteristics are inherent in the aggregated databases we use. Additionally, through our unique data partnerships and proprietary methodologies, we have the ability to identify our clients' customers – even if they do not collect any customer data (name, address, email, etc.).


How do your solutions differentiate from your competition?

Buxton Strategic RelationshipsWe have an agreement with one of the largest credit card companies in the world, giving us the ability to incorporate aggregated and de-identified credit card transaction data to help you enhance your location and customer intelligence.

Best-in-Class CapabilitiesWe rely on our best-in-class data and technology to provide the best possible experience for all of our clients. The ninety (90) terabytes of data that we manage and maintain in-house allows us to solve the most complex questions in the retail, restaurant, healthcare and public sectors today.

SCOUTThe most technologically advanced, simple-to-use, analytics and geo-spatial visualization tool in the market, SCOUT, is used by executives and analysts to execute real estate, marketing, and operational strategies to answer their most complex business questions. SCOUT provides your team with access to your unique deliverables, both in the field and in the office, to run various reports from core customer counts to revenue forecasting.

Customer ServiceWhy Buxton? We are committed to exceeding your expectations and helping you optimize and grow your business. As a Buxton client you will constantly be impressed by our attention to detail, our responsiveness, and our never-ending drive to assist you. Our #1 goal is to ensure you are beyond satisfied with our solutions, and that we are able to solve your most pressing and important business questions.


I do not have any/very many locations, how can you help me?

Our Customer Value Solution identifies and ranks your most promising opportunities for new locations and gives you data-driven confidence to make the right growth decisions. Our proprietary methodology utilizes the same customer-centric analytical foundation that we use for our largest clients. We help you find sites with the greatest customer potential and benchmark them to your existing locations and/or to those of affinity concepts.


I do not have any customer data, how can you build a solution?

We have many ways to identify your customer if you have no customer data that include, but are not limited to:

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