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Today, healthcare providers face a variety of uncertainties due to expanding regulations, shifting demographics and increased competition.  But with these uncertainties comes a wealth of opportunity for those organizations that know how to read the marketplace and move quickly to position themselves for success. Buxton’s healthcare analytics enable you to identify and assess your best market opportunities, while creating substantial benefits and competitive advantages for all of your organization’s key stakeholders:

  • Strategic Planners can use data-informed scenarios for your organization’s forward-looking market footprint to ensure that your organization is positioned for future success.
  • Finance Officers can better mitigate risk, prioritize CAPEX, and plan budgets according to scenarios identified by strategic planning.
  • Operations Leaders have an enhanced ability to optimize facility staffing and service-line programming.
  • Real Estate Teams have access to superior decision support tools to guide their site selection and leasing decisions.
  • Marketing and Communications can optimize the return on their marketing dollars by identifying prospective patient households in close proximity to your areas of opportunity.

At Buxton, we mine the wealth of data that resides within your existing patient files.  Then, we overlay that information with the industry’s most robust consumer database and market analysis tools.  As a result, you get the clearest picture yet of the communities you serve, and what you need to do to position yourself to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead. To learn more, contact Buxton today.

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