Education Franchises Learn From Customer Analytics
February 24, 2015

In recent years, supplemental education franchises have gained traction and are poised for major expansion in the next five years as parents continue to invest in education for their children.   From 2014 to 2019, industry revenue is forecasted to Read on! →

So You Want To Grow Your Franchise
February 18, 2015

Last week we wrote about the up-and-coming concepts that are set to take over the franchising industry. What’s particularly interesting about those franchise concepts is the fact that they have been exploding onto the scene from well-established industries that traditionally Read on! →

Analytics Aren’t Stupid. Here’s Why.
February 12, 2015

When Charles Barkley made headlines for his rant against the use of analytics in sports, specifically basketball, he expressed a view that many with a partial understanding of data science hold: there’s no way numbers can tell the whole story. Read on! →

Perfecting the Science of Franchise Site Selection
February 9, 2015

The single most important factor in the site selection process is not finding the right real estate – it’s finding the right customers. Today’s retail landscape is littered with failed concepts that believed if they built it, customers would come. Read on! →

From E-Tail to Retail
January 30, 2015

It seems like just yesterday that brick and mortar retailers were scrambling to create online storefronts and that reports of their imminent demise were rampant. But now those reports seem to have been exaggerated. The tides are changing back in Read on! →

Top 5 Retail Real Estate Trends of 2015
January 21, 2015

The retail landscape has been evolving at an unprecedented rate over the past decade, as brick and mortar retailers adapt to advancing technologies and changing consumer demands.   These changes are most apparent in retailers’ new real estate strategies. We Read on! →

State of the Retail Real Estate Market
January 16, 2015

Looking back, 2014 was a whirlwind year for retail. As the economy continued to pick up steam, retailers across the U.S. sought expansion opportunities, which drove down vacancy rates while simultaneously driving up prices. Additionally, the widespread adoption of e-commerce Read on! →

Buxton’s 2015 Retail Real Estate Outlook
January 13, 2015

2014 was a whirlwind year for retail. As the economy continued to pick up steam, retailers across the U.S. sought expansion opportunities, driving down vacancy rates while simultaneously driving up prices. What lies ahead for the retail industry in 2015? Read on! →

Buxton’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014
January 8, 2015

  As we begin 2015, let’s take a moment to reflect on the past year by looking back at the top 10 blog posts of 2014. Posts have been ranked by number of page views.     1. Market Share: The Read on! →

Brick and Mortar Stores Still Matter
January 6, 2015

I know we’ve said this time and time again, but I feel like it’s worth repeating – brick and mortar stores still matter. Yes, we live in a digital age where online shopping is on the rise and holiday spending Read on! →

2015 Retail Real Estate Trends – Q&A With Paul Schlesinger
December 16, 2014

The retail industry’s evolution has accelerated over the last decade, as brick and mortar retailers face competition from online retailers and consumers continue to demand new ways of interacting with brands. Nowhere are these changes more apparent than in retailers’ Read on! →

Seven Characteristics of Successful Retail Concepts
December 4, 2014

The retail industry is currently in an era of big changes and big challenges, with no sign of it slowing down any time soon. Retailers have to combat pressures brought on by new competition, e-commerce, an oversaturated market, and ever-changing Read on! →

The Top 10 U.S. Retail Markets
December 2, 2014

Yes, yes, I know, the retail landscape is shifting and as our world becomes more digital, so does our shopping experience. However, despite the increasing and continued investment in digital shopping, one thing has proven to be consistent: brick and Read on! →

Preparing Your Urgent Care Organization for Acquisition
November 25, 2014

Recently we talked about how the urgent care industry is one of the fastest-growing segments in the U.S. healthcare system and how the opportunities that the urgent care space presents haven’t gone unnoticed – specifically by private equity firms. While Read on! →

The Best of 2014: Top 25 Retail Brands
November 20, 2014

  Everyone knows that the retail industry is being forced to face unprecedented change head-on and is evolving at a rate so fast that it’s nearly impossible to keep up.   Technological advances – from mobile shopping to virtual fitting Read on! →

Retailtainment: The New Way to Win at Retail
November 18, 2014

                  The once-vibrant, traditional department stores like Sears and J.C. Penney, which used to drive 70% of total shopping center traffic, now only drive 25% – 30%. As a result, shopping centers Read on! →

Urgent Care and Private Equity – A Winning Combination
November 14, 2014

As the saying goes, with change comes opportunity, and few industries are changing more rapidly than the U.S. healthcare industry. The radical transformation of the healthcare industry and the increasing pressure to be more efficient has created new categories of Read on! →

Instead of Big Data, Let’s Talk About Smart Data
November 11, 2014

Over the past decade there has been an unfathomable surge in the amount of consumer data potentially available to marketers – with more being created every second of every day. This substantial increase in consumer data has been the driving Read on! →

The Cornerstone for Retail Expansion
November 6, 2014

Today’s retail marketplace demands that retailers focus all of their attention on one thing if they want to excel and grow their business. Yet, far too often retailers focus on building their business around their various channels as opposed to Read on! →

Unlocking the Value of Big Data
October 16, 2014

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled “The Big Mystery: What’s Big Data Really Worth?” The article begins by exploring the fact that even though entire companies are built around the collection and sale of customer data, no Read on! →

Why Customer Segmentation is Good for Business
October 14, 2014

Last week we wrote a high-level overview about the importance of taking a customer-centric approach to your retail strategy. However, to dive a little deeper into the concept of customer centricity, it’s necessary to discuss customer segmentation as it’s the Read on! →

Take a Customer-Centric Approach to Your Retail Strategy
October 7, 2014

As retailers attempt to weather the transformations occurring in the retail marketplace and sustain performance, they are realizing that they must migrate away from the traditional product-centric archetype toward one that is customer-centric. However, what does the concept of customer Read on! →

The Four Data-Driven Steps to Customer Loyalty
October 3, 2014

Every retail executive knows that the retail landscape is evolving at a rate so fast that it’s nearly impossible to keep up. This has created an environment where retailers’ top priority is to determine how to fit into the worlds Read on! →

G.R.O.W. Your Franchise
October 1, 2014

One of the biggest challenges facing franchisors today is the staggering amount of competition. Even though some large franchise groups are in periods of stagnation or even decline, there are small franchise groups that are coming of age and looking Read on! →

3 Ways Franchisees Can Localize Marketing Efforts
September 25, 2014

Part of the beauty of franchise marketing is that the franchisor develops well-researched, professional marketing materials for the franchisee to use, simplifying the process for franchise business owners. Although these established marketing programs may exist, they also create a challenge Read on! →

The Ultimate Combination of Trends – Menswear & Activewear
September 19, 2014

Lululemon Athletica, the iconic women’s yogawear brand, has identified a potentially huge growth lever – menswear. While Lululemon has certainly made a niche for itself in the women’s activewear market, the company has realized that just adding new store locations Read on! →

What is Customer Analytics?
September 17, 2014

Customer analytics has been one of the hottest buzzwords among executives for years. But have you ever asked yourself these simple questions: What is customer analytics? What do those two words actually mean? Why is it so important?   As Read on! →

Women’s Fashion Brands Try to Woo Men
September 11, 2014

A growing number of women’s apparel brands are putting the focus on men as the last few years have witnessed an unprecedented boom in men’s fashion. Exceeding growth in women’s wear for the past five years, menswear grew 5% in Read on! →

Think Outside the Big Box
September 8, 2014

Aging suburban malls across the country are looking for redevelopment strategies as the once traffic-driving big box anchors start to go dark due to debilitating declines in consumer foot traffic and interest. Real estate developers often perceive the vacant retail Read on! →

A Second Life for American Shopping Malls
August 28, 2014

For decades, the mall has been a staple of American shopping and culture. But, the once-vibrant, traditional malls that used to be mecca for people everywhere are slowly waning and being forced to shut down after years of debilitating declines Read on! →

Let’s Get Physical: From Clicks to Bricks
August 26, 2014

Realizing that the internet does indeed have its limitations, some of the biggest e-commerce darlings, like Bonobos and Warby Parker, are developing their strategies for click and mortar shopping by opening up physical storefronts. Online retailers are discovering that they Read on! →

The Top 5 U.S. Metro Areas for Spending on Women’s Apparel
August 21, 2014

With tempered growth in the overall apparel market, some segments such as plus-size clothing and activewear are experiencing gains that are offering retailers long-awaited business opportunities.     Women’s clothing has always been strategically important to retailers – making up Read on! →

The Marriage of Bricks and Clicks
August 19, 2014

Everyone knows that the retail landscape is evolving at a rate so fast that it’s nearly impossible to keep up. While many retailers have fallen behind, others are experimenting with new business models, operations, and store management, as well as Read on! →

Top 5 U.S. Metro Areas for Menswear Spending
August 14, 2014

The world is experiencing a menaissance. Men are taking an increased interest in their appearance, are more in tune with the latest fashion trends, and are changing the rules of the menswear market.   Responding to the upsurge in demand Read on! →

Meet the New Male Consumer
August 13, 2014

Once an afterthought in the apparel landscape, male consumers are now becoming the new darling of the fashion industry. Over the past few years, men have increased their shopping activity and taken a greater interest in their overall appearance, as Read on! →

Brick and Mortar Stores are the Future of Retail
July 31, 2014

With all the hype around online and digital, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. While digital has been one of the principal disrupters in retail, pure-play online retailers, such as Amazon, only account for 5% of total U.S. retail Read on! →

The Top 5 Metro Areas for Activewear Spending
July 29, 2014

The activewear category is booming – growing more than four times faster than the overall apparel industry – as both men and women trade in their jeans for yoga attire and athleisure wear.     The latest evolution in fitness Read on! →

The Apparel Spotlight Puts Activewear Center Stage
July 25, 2014

Long gone are the days when high-fashion designers and retailers dictated what the latest fashions would be. Now, the power lies in the hands of consumers, with their choices transforming the industry.   For the past few years, both men Read on! →

What is SCOUT?
July 17, 2014

SCOUT, Buxton’s analytics platform, is the most technologically-advanced, simple-to-use, data visualization tool in the market, and is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone. This cloud-based geo-analytic solution connects decision makers from executives, operations, marketing and merchandising to custom retail Read on! →

A Plus-Size Transformation in the Apparel Industry
July 15, 2014

We recently wrote about how the plus-size apparel industry was on the verge of a revolution, a prediction that has been validated by the industry’s tremendous sales growth. In the year ending April 2014, sales of plus-size clothing came in Read on! →

Deliver Moneyball Results to Your Company
July 11, 2014

  With Major League Baseball at the halfway point, it’s amazing to see that the Oakland A’s still have the best record in baseball… with the 4th lowest payroll.  And if you’re a big baseball fan, or even just a Read on! →

Control Your Cannibalization
July 8, 2014

Cannibalization: the pesky reality that puts a damper on growth by hurting sales at your existing locations and clouds your decision making as well as your results. Because when this awful word gets thrown around in business contexts, many decision-makers Read on! →

The 25 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in the US
July 1, 2014

If a waterpark isn’t your thing, TripAdvisor announced the winners of its Travelers’ Choice awards for attractions – just in time for your summer vacation. To determine the awards, TripAdvisor evaluated millions of traveler reviews and then created an algorithm Read on! →

Your Pocket Guide to the Apparel Industry
June 27, 2014

The apparel industry is being forced to face unprecedented change head-on. Technological advances and radically changing consumer behaviors are combining to reshape the retail landscape faster than some retailers can react. Today’s consumers have vastly different and greater expectations of products, Read on! →

The 12 Best Water Parks in America
June 26, 2014

  Business Insider recently compiled a list of the 12 Best Water Parks in America, ranking them by the number of water attractions including slides, pools, lazy rivers, and parks. Since we are in the throes of summer, I thought Read on! →

3 Ways Retail Is Radically Changing
June 24, 2014

For what seems like an eternity, brick and mortar retailers have been struggling to keep up and compete with online retailers, which offer unparalleled personalization and convenience to consumers by harnessing mountains of customer data.   By cultivating the information Read on! →